The only method to become more popular and more popular on Instagram is to ensure that your followers see your content and, most importantly, are engaged with it. It's simple; views alone aren't enough to bring your Instagram game on the right track. You require positive engagement through likes too. Even Instagram has been conducting tests concerning the concealing of public preferences, but the truth of the issue is that likes remain accessible to the public. 


So, if you've got your own Instagram page that is gaining views but isn't performing well in terms of likes are related, keep reading. We'll show you the best tips and tricks you'll need to ensure the posts you post on Instagram posts aren't just seen and liked but also enjoyed. So, with no further delay now, let's get this post thoroughly and adequately going. 


1. Host a party 


Contests have emerged as one of the best ways for Instagrammers to increase views, likes, and followers quickly. It's not that difficult to plan an event, and you could quickly accumulate a large number of likes when the requirement to enter is liking an individual post. But, it is essential not to make your contests short. Do not make them too complex, and you'll lose lots of Instagram engagement for your post. 


You can also invite followers to share your post and tag at least two or three of their acquaintances, and they must also like your post to be eligible for the prize. Please make sure you think about the giveaway thoroughly before you start it. The best time to host giveaways is when you hit some level of popularity on Instagram. For instance, you can offer a giveaway once you have reached 1,000 followers on Instagram. 


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2. Find inspiration from Instagrammers who are successful Instagrammers who are in your field 


Choosing the posts to publish can be challenging when you're a brand new Instagrammer. The most frequent fear is that "people might not like what I'm about to post." It's crucial not to let this fear overtake you. When you allow it to, you'll always be unsure of yourself, which can hinder the growth of your Instagram profile. 


Instead of giving in to anxiety and doubt, it is better to examine your competition and find out what your competitors are up to. Be attentive to the posts which have received more Instagram likes and those that have received only a few likes. When you're finished with your analysis, it's now time to use the information you gathered and transform it into a reality. Most of the time, the strategies that work for your competition could be effective for you. 


3. Include a call-to-action on each post 


Many new Instagrammers fall into the trap of not using Calls to Action (CTA) in their posts. The reality is that if your goal is to get others Instagram users to interact with your posts and even like them, you must solicit them to do something. Even if you don't have the CTA and you're not sure if you'll be able to get just a few likes. But you'll be able to see the difference when you include CTAs. 


It is also recommended to include CTAs throughout your posts, and other Instagram features you utilize. For instance, including CTAs within Instagram Stories offers an effective way to get your posts not just seen but also liked quickly. 


4. Make sure to use hashtags in all of your posts 


Making sure you include hashtags throughout your posts is crucial to being successful on Instagram. If you're publishing something well-known, you can look up a variety of online lists which list the best hashtags to utilize to get Instagram likes. But, if you're posting something specific to your area, it is recommended to select unique hashtags to help the post be noticed. 

One of the most common mistakes made by many Instagrammers is that they often tend to add 20 - 30 hashtags in each post. We strongly recommend that you steer away from this practice because Instagram is notorious for shaming brands and users who have excessive hashtags within a post. Typically, they "shadow prohibit' these posts, i.e., they aren't recommended to followers. When using hashtags, make sure you select only 5 to 6 hashtags and do not go further. 


5. Make sure to share with other Instagram users your Instagram posts across different social media platforms 


Today there is no way for a brand or an influencer can truly expand if they remain on only one network of social networks. This is why the most well-established brands and influencers are present on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If you're on either a Twitter or Facebook account, make sure you publish your Instagram posts on those accounts, too. Remember to add CTAs on these platforms that encourage your followers or friends to visit the Instagram profile and join it. 


It is also important to apply wisdom when sharing your posts on Instagram. You should also be aware of the implications when sharing posts across other social media platforms. If, for instance, your Instagram page has anything to do with politics, news, or be related to politics or news, The best social media platform to share the posts would be Twitter. This technique is highly efficient at boosting the number of followers, likes, views, likes, and followers. 


6. Be sure to label the location 


It's crucial to include the location you're posting the Instagram post. Many Instagram users perform local searches, and if they perform the same thing for your area, there's a good likelihood that your post will be included in the search results. People looking for content from different niches could find interest in your site when they stumble upon your post. 


The location tag is among the most effective methods to increase organic Instagram engagement. If your Instagram page is focused on food, hospitality, or travel, it is essential to tag your place of business. Many users will visit your page. And if your content is excellent, there's no reason your posts aren't getting plenty more new likes. 


7. Get the most out of popular memes 


Memes have changed the way we communicate on the internet, and now many influential and well-known brands are using them to get their opinions on display through memes. But before moving to the next level with meme-based posts, it is essential to ensure that your readers can digest them. For instance, if your target audience is older, is it best to stay clear of memes because some audience members might not grasp the concept. If, however, you're dealing with a young audience, There's a good reason to make meme-related posts. 


If you can connect with your Instagram followers via memes, your followers will instantly be awed by your brand because of your expertise in pop culture. Meme-based posts are also more likely to get higher views and likes than standard posts. 


8. Make words of wonder 


A lot of people believe they are right. Instagram solely focuses on pictures and videos. However, many users do not realize that captions are added for every image or video. Suppose you compose your captions properly and provide precise information regarding the post. If the content is engaging and offers some value to the audience, They'll surely be impressed and leave some likes. 


Captions that are of high quality are essential when you're posting a narrative post. If you're not very proficient in writing, you could employ a copywriter to take over the task. Many copywriters are experts on Instagram posts. They also do keyword research on behalf of you and use the appropriate keywords and hashtags to assist users in finding your posts more quickly. 


9. Offer variety through your content 


Instagram was, at some point, it was primarily a photo-sharing app. But as time has passed and its popularity has increased, it has added various features that influencers and brands can utilize to share their content. Beyond the primary social media features, Instagram offers Stories, Reels, and IGTV, each with distinctive features that offer something distinct. 


For instance, Stories is great for encouraging people to click on a specific post to increase Instagram views. Also, there are Reels which is a feature like how TikTok functions. There's IGTV also, which is a separate Instagram application that lets users upload lengthy videos. It is essential to diversify your content and offer an array of content to viewers to increase engagement. In this way, your viewers will be constantly interested in what's to come the next time. 




These were the top ways to convince viewers to share your posts. Of course, not every viewer will be motivated to share your posts regardless of how you approach them. But these suggestions will ensure that your likelihood of engagement is increased dramatically. 


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